Brother and Sister Annihilate the Demons

With lightning bolts of exposure, the Brother, in the form of a deer, and the Sister, who comes from the land of mental kingdoms, annihilate the demons that have their clutches on and dominate our civilization.
By means of the sudden exposure of their separating intentions that impede development, the demonic beings lose their right to exist and evolutionary necessity for the future, and burn.

Among them are:
Astaroth, a misshapen angel who used to have a beautiful face, with a viper in his hand. He knows the past, the present and the future, and provides information without reserve and without lying, including information about spirits and about his own descent into hell (dissolution of identity), which he purportedly did not under- take voluntarily.
He exercises his influence as the patron of the free arts. He embodies laziness, ostentatiousness and vanity, and is the supreme treasurer of hell.
Asmodeus or Asmodi, a prince of the demons. He has the feet of a goose and the tail of a snake, and mo- reover three heads: a bull‘s, a ram‘s and a human head.
As one of the highest demons, he bears a banner and a spear.
Asmodeus agrees to guard treasures, and also helps in searching for treasures. If someone says to him, “Re- ally, you are Asmodia,” they will receive a wonderful ring as a present. But be careful! He can quickly make a human being beholden to him, and tortures the person with desire, extravagance and anger.
Belial (Good-For-Nothing), an excellent lawyer with pointed ears, a tail, hoofs, clawed feet and fangs, as well as a bird’s face on his buttocks. He purports to represent justice, but he has only his own interests in mind. Common to all these demons and most of their kind is that they offer their services to fulfil wishes, preferably material wishes or wishes of a base nature.

Putti (putto = child or boy), copies of the Greek god Eros, once an almighty god of creation, populate the heavenly spheres.
They enjoy the freedom to do as they please, and make use of this freedom in every regard. In their disres- pectful manner, they even make fun of the demons. They draw their self-assurance from their knowledge of the impermanent character of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ forces, and that both come to fulfilment in an ultimate ‘super- good’ transcending all human measure, a sense of identity in the highest degree of contradiction and paradox.

Art Print / Facsimile – DIN A2 (420 x 594 mm), signed and limited (edition of 200)

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