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Der große weiße Hase oder der Transzendente Steinpilz - Zeichnung

Images like doors to another world

Renate von Charlottenburg – Allegorical drawings

Choose from 70 pictures on the themes
Time · Philosophy · Fairy tale



Childhood relates to the morning of life. All paths appear open and clear, the fountain of life sends forth its dancing streams, and the birds…>>


Involution – Evolution

Double evolution, the development of consciousness and form, is preceded by a double involution….>>

Fariy tale

Fairy Tales over New York

Fairy-tale figures of days of old invade New York City. They come from trans-rational levels where reality emer- ges from imagination…>>

Der Morgen Bleistiftzeichung


Involution Evolution 1 - Renate von Charlottenburg


Das Märchen in New York Bleistiftzeichnung


There is a short text for each drawing

For series in a booklet, for single motifs on a folding card

Exhibitions 2023

The small, fine exhibition ‘Visualisations’ at one of London’s most mystical locations, the over 100-year-old Atlantis Bookshop, shines a new light on the historic ‘Gardner Room’ with its magical ambience.

IMG 1580 - Renate von Charlottenburg
IMG 3873 1 - Renate von Charlottenburg
IMG 3860 1 - Renate von Charlottenburg
Renate signiert 1 - Renate von Charlottenburg

>> Previous exhibitions since 2012

  • Get to know the images during an online video call
  • Constantly updated permanent exhibition (prints and originals)
  • in the Neue Galerie Hachenburg
  • Wilhelmstraße 19 in D-57627 Hachenburg
  • Opening hours: Sat 2 – 5 pm and by appointment

The favourite motifs of our customers

Aufwind - Renate von Charlottenburg

Series Months


April - Bleistiftzeichnung


Series Seasons


Sommer Bleistiftzeichnung


Series Grimm’s Fairy Tales Reinterpreted


Sternbuchstaben - Renate von Charlottenburg


Art prints

  • high quality printed facsimiles
  • numbered and signed by hand
  • reasonable price (depending on format between € 29.- (DIN A3) and
  • € 39,-(DIN A2))


Sommer Bleistiftzeichnung
Art print DIN A2



  • Original pencil and ink drawing with signature, title and indication of the year of origin.
  • Only a few originals are for sale
  • Prices on request (medium size approx. € 500,-)

Solomon’s seal

Salomonssiegel 1 - Renate von Charlottenburg
Original DIN A6

Unique pieces

  • high quality printed facsimiles with a small original drawing
  • signed by hand
  • only a few different unique copies per motif in stock
  • depending on the size of the original drawing between £ 79,- and £ 119,-

In the Silence of the Mind

Im Schweigen des Geistes - Renate von Charlottenburg
Unique piece DIN A2

Unique pieces

All motifs are also available as unique pieces.
Unique prints are pictures with an additional original hand drawing.

The Big White Hare

Der große weiße Hase, Bleistiftzeichnung

Unique piece DIN A2

In the Silence of the Mind

Kater Unikat Camus 1 - Renate von Charlottenburg

Unique piece DIN A2

The Law of Harmony

Harmonie2 Unikat - Renate von Charlottenburg

Unique piece DIN A2

Cover Zahlensymbolik Englisch - Renate von Charlottenburg
50 pages, € 12,00

Fresh from the press:

Ten pencil and ink drawings with accompanying text


Every number has a significance, a specific quality all its own beyond its purely quantitative value. 

This is about the single-digit numbers that make up all other numbers, and about their mystical meaning, which I have tried to portray through imagery. 

What is the essence of the number one or two… or even zero? What is the meaning of a five-pointed star as opposed to one with six or eight points? Why do we say ‘All good things come in threes’? And when are we in seventh heaven? 

The symbolic meaning of numbers is deeply embedded in human consciousness. Let us venture a first look into this mystical, magical realm!

Renate von Charlottenburg

Renate von Charlottenburg

The Berlin artist Renate von Charlottenburg has been drawing since her earliest childhood and has developed a very authentic and distinctive style.

For her, drawing is not an end in itself, but an artistic way to fathom, experience and make visible the essence of things behind external appearances.


Engelchen sammelt Sterne Bleistiftzeichnung