The month April derives its name from the Latin word aperire, translation: to open (the opening, blossoming of owers).
In Germanic culture this month was called Ostaramond (Easter month), in reference to the Germanic goddess of spring Ostara (thus “Ostern”, Easter), also the goddess of dawn, with regard to the easterly cardinal direction, in which the sun rises.

Did you know: In Chinese culture, there is considered to be a hare in the moon that is grinding herbs that give immortality.
The hare is considered by all cultures to be an ancient symbol of fertility, thus in Germanic culture the Easter bunny is celebrated and is the corres- ponding animal of the goddess Ostara, as well as the ladybird.

Both are available nowadays as chocolates at Easter!

Art print / facsimile – DIN A2 (420 x 594 mm), handsigned and limited (edition: 150)


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