The Five Alchemistic Elements

Since antiquity, fire, water, earth and air have been regarded as the
fundamental elements of all being (to be understood as fundamental principles, not to be confused with the chemical elements [substances that cannot be broken down to simpler ones by chemical processes]).
Ether is deemed to be the fifth element on which the others are based as their foundation; Aristotle (384–322 B.C.) called it the quintessence.
Since the 16th century essences (elementals) have been assigned to these alchemistic elements, above all by Paracelsus, as follows: for earth the gnome or dwarf, for fire the fire salamander, for air the sylph, and for water the nymph or undine.
All fundamental elements are in complementary interaction with each other, and their essences are centred around the quintessence, the king, who holds and rules them.

Art print / facsimile – 620 x 500 mm, signed by hand and limited (edition: 200)

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