The silent, virgin Goddess of the Moon (to the Romans, Luna; to the Greeks, Selene) rides across the land on a white stag, symbol of the purity and majestic power that constantly renews itself (visible through the yearly shedding and regrowth of the stag’s antlers).

The full moon sits enthroned in the heavens, whilst lunar creatures gather by the way, creatures considered ckle, chatty and moody (loony). Others, too, are there: creatures that wake at night or dwell in dark caves – symbols of the hidden powers of the subconscious and unconscious.

The moon is the light in the dark that shows the way through shadowy, unknown realms. It is the light of spirituality, re ecting a complete consciousness and pointing to the spiritual powers of the human soul. The full moon is the sign of a perfect, deeply felt, clear knowledge of real, universal connection.
Luna, ruler of the Moon Day, in the gentle awareness of her power, holds in her right hand a magical star wand, and with this wand she rules the changes in Nature – the ebb and ow, barrenness and fruitfulness – and possesses the power to cover secrets with the veil of night (the new moon and the dark side of the moon) and also to reveal the hidden mysteries: the moon as the ‘Eye of Night’. In her left hand, she carries Solomon’s Seal, the ‘magical herb’ of fairy tale and legend, which can aid us in nding hidden sources of life and inspiration.
With Luna by our side, forever ready to reveal the new and to see the old and familiar in a new and magical light, we begin the week in the light of the moon.
PS Though a lunar creature, Max the cat has no desire to con ne himself to Monday but wants to demonstrate his ability to enhance all the days with his presence, no matter how varied they or their rulers might be. He will be accompanying us!

Art print / facsimile – DIN A3 (297 x 420 mm), handsigned and limited (edition: 150)

This motif as a unique piece

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