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The royal Donar, or Thor, is transported above the land by the strongest and mightiest creature of the North, a bear standing upon a rain cloud. He is followed by a little bear, in keeping with the great patterns in the heavens. Donar uses his hammer for more than maintaining order in the world: as the god of agriculture and guardian of the homeland, he cleaves the soil and tills the ground. The lightning he hurls parts the clouds so that the rain can pour down upon the land and make it fertile. He also enjoys enlightening our thoughts through ‘ ashes’ of insight, and often these become an endless source of new and groundbreaking ideas.

Last but not least, Thor will wield his hammer again and again upon the heavy clouds to pound out the last drops of life-giving water – but all we hear is the roll of his thunder. Under the protection and with the blessing of these mighty powers, the tried and true is strengthened and the new can thrive!

Art Print / Facsimile – DIN A3 (297 x 420 mm), signed and limited (edition of 150)

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