The Four Winds or The Everlasting Lovers’ Tryst

The Four Winds are associated with the four temperaments or states of mind here:
The North Wind is the melancholic (pessimistic, sad and anxious)
The East Wind is the choleric (passionate, energetic and optimistic)

The South Wind is the phlegmatic (ponderous, lethargic and pensive) The West Wind is the sanguine (cheerful, active and carefree)

In antiquity, people thought of the winds as four brothers:
The wintery North Wind (Boreas)
The dry East Wind (Eurus), which blows in with the dawn
The gentle, warm South Wind (Notus), which is placid and mild
The moist West Wind (Zephyrus), which was believed to impregnate women and mares

The Everlasting Lovers’ Tryst takes place in the transcendental centre, within the eye of the spiritual tempest.

Art Print / Facsimile – DIN A2 (420 x 594 mm), hand-signed and limited (edition of 150)