The Great White Hare

The Great White Hare, or the Transcendent Mushroom

There are many realities, many levels of existence – worlds that are self-contained and unaware that beyond their own small sensory experience lie many more worlds or planes, for now imperceptible to “normal” consciousness and to which the path is only seldom found.
The Great White Hare keeps watch over all these existences. He is but distantly related to the scampering rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, whose world is of an utterly whimsical nature and devoid of higher meaning.

The Great White Hare, however, knows the steps on the ladder leading to the unfoldment of consciousness, and he is entirely certain that the road will someday be discovered that leads to the royal palace high up on the transcendent mushroom, where the secret of matter lies hidden.

Art print / facsimile – DIN A2 (420 x 594 mm), handsigned and limited (edition of 100)

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