The three daughters of the Mona Lisa smile, knowing that the three en- lightened squirrels and even the little hazel dormouse* can easily crack the magical hazelnuts*, through which the mysteries of the universe are revealed—mysteries whose origin lies in the realisation that matter is energetically dense spirit.

* The hazel dormouse, incidentally, is not a mouse but belongs to the family Gliridae (like the fat dor- mouse), of which it is the smallest. Its tail is not bare, as with other mice, but bushy.

* Since ancient times, the hazelnut has been thought to have magical powers. Its branches are used to seek out treasure and also as divining rods, for finding water veins. The hazel bush protects the house from lightning by acting as a conductor for the flow of energy. It only attracts flashes of inspiration!

Art Print / Facsimile – DIN A2 (420 x 594 mm), hand-signed and limited (edition of 150)

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