The Radiance of the Morning

The Germanic goddess Freya, who is similar to the Greek Aphrodite and the Goddess of Beauty and Love, has now harnessed four rather than two cats to lend her chariot even greater speed. For more than ever the world requires the magic of celestial beauty.

Freya wears the necklace known as Brisingamen (from Middle High Ger- man: brisen = punctured, pierced joints), which spreads the radiance of the sun over all the earth and can be seen in the morning dew or the sparkling waters.

Flowers from left to right:
Shepherd’s purse, wild strawberry, daisies, dandelions, lady’s mantle, rambling bellflower.

Art print / facsimile – DIN A2 (420 x 594 mm), handsigned and limited (edition: 150)