The Planes and Parts of Being

This is a diagram for all who wonder about their true being, about their distinctive individuality, about the parts of their existence that cannot be captured with measuring instruments.
It brings one joy to contemplate these planes and parts and to marvel
at the dimensions into which our being extends.

The image depicts the sequence from top to bottom:

The perfect Universal Self, possessing and surpassing the personal soul, at once cosmic and individual, floating on the sea of eternal bliss

Resting in freedom from the ego, the neutral witness in Buddha-nature

The Supreme Soul in its secret grotto, with the noble knowledge of the mysteries of existence

The threefold forces of the soul: vital soul – mental soul – physical soul

The ‘I’ idea, called ‘Ahamkara’ in the Indian tradition, which directs the ego from the supraphysical plane and manipulates it like a puppet;
not to be confused with the psychic being.
The judging observer

The perfect human being with his physical and mental proportions and the secret soul behind his heart,
surrounded by the physical, vital and mental parts of the ego

The sea of the sub- and unconscious

Art Print / Facsimile – DIN A2 (420 x 594 mm), signed and limited (edition of 200)